Aaron M.

Alex and northside power washing deserve way more than 5 stars.  From start to finish by far the best communication of any business ive ever dealt with.  Not only did Alex do an amazing job of cleaning the siding of my townhouse, but also went above in beyond by cleaning the pollen/mold off my deck and then took the time to clean off my 4 yr olds water table!!!!  We had left it out for the past few months and it was purty gnarly with how much dirt/pollen was covering it.  If only i could have taken a video of my daughter looking out the window noticing her clean water table, followed by her jumping with joy telling us how she’s going to change into her swimsuit and go out there.  Blown away by Alex’s professionalism, honesty and artistry in his craft.  Absolutely recommend northside power washing!!

Published by Alex Kurashev

Beautifying Loudoun County... one Softwashed house at a time!