A huge Thank You to all of my Northern Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia customers!

2016 so far has been a very busy season for Northside Power Washing. 

Month of May with all the precipitation (I think it rained for some 24-25 days during that month!!) couldn’t stop me from going out and power washing almost every day.
This month – June – I haven’t stopped at all, working 7 days a week all the way up until today. 

This morning today feels a bit weird, waking up and not putting on my rubber boots. Instead, I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down to write this ‘thank you letter’ to all of you, my dear customers, who not only supported me by trusting Northside Power Washing with your power washing needs, but also continue to support my Softwashing endeavor by spreading the word among your neighbors and online on Facebook and Google and Yelp

Without you I wouldn’t have been able to achieve everything that I was able to achieve and make such a progress on the path to my ultimate goal:

Beautify Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia… one power washed house at a time!

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